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Pet Care Services Dog Walking & Pet Sitting in Washington, Morton, Metamora, Eureka, East Peoria and Peoira since 2018

Dog walking and pet sitting in Central IL area

Dog Walking

Starting at $31

This is a walk around your neighborhood focusing on exploring, exercise, and sensory stimulation. Our walks can be scheduled for 30, 45, or 60 minutes.

You can experience peace of mind knowing your pup is taken care of while you’re working, no matter if you work at home or in the office. Your pup will not only burn excess energy, but they will love getting outside to sniff and explore the world around them, removing any boredom or anxiety from their day!

Pet Sitting Check-in Visits

Starting at $23

These visits are great for cats, dogs, and any other pet that wants to stay at home! They can be scheduled daily, for a quick potty break while you’re at the office, or they can be scheduled as many times a day as needed while you’re on vacation.

Never feel guilty about leaving your pet again! Our highly trained team will visit your pet and make sure all of their needs are met. Your pet will appreciate the ability to stay home, in their own environment, where they are most comfortable.

Visits are fully customizable. We can do feedings, check water, play in the yard, potty breaks, or even bring in the mail and water plants. We not only take care of your pets, but your home, too!

Almost Overnights Central IL

Almost Overnights

Starting at $90

Let’s have a PAW-jama Party! This service is an extended 2-hour bedtime tuck-in visit.

This option is great for pet owners looking for a little extra one-on-one time for their pet(s). Your pet(s) will be in the comfort of their own home, and get the undivided attention of one of our pet care professionals. Our professionals can spend time playing in the yard, going for walks, doing mentally stimulating activities, or just cuddling on the couch. These visits are fully customizable for your home and pet(s)!

paws at home pet care wedding services

Wedding Services

Starting at $200

Include your furry family member in your special day! Whether you just want your pet there for photos, or you want him/her to walk down the aisle, we can help!

This service includes pick up at your home, travel to the wedding venue, time at the venue, and travel back to your home. By including your pet in your special day, you make even more memories that will last a lifetime. Whether their role is to carry the rings, be the furry flower pet, or just gracing your occasion as a distinguished guest, your day will be extra special with their involvement.

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